Many photos on this page were found in Morris Drucker's house. Unfortunately, not all of them have been indentified. If, as you view the photos, you come across any that you know please email me.

Photos Positively Identified

Newly Identified Photos by Boshe Smith

Aran Mayer Drucker with tallis
Toddler Boshe Smith

Max and Yetta Horowitz, 1942, in South Carolina. Probably taken by Morris Drucker.
Aran Meyer, Chya Dreizal, Louis, Irving, Michael, Morris, and Yetta Drucker (c.1919)
Chya Dreizal Kaminsky Drucker
The NY Druckers from Bea Novikoff's Wedding (6/9/47) back row: l to r: Michael, Estelle, Yetta, Max, Geradine, Lesley, Irving; front: l to r: Charlotte, Louis, Pauline
Yetta Drucker Horowitz, late teens
Karen, Yetta, and Michael Horowitz (c.1952)
Michael and Yetta Horowitz
Rebecca Drucker & Golda Sarlin
Mayer & Toby Malke in front of Ellis St., Augusta
Ida Belle Andronosky Senior Class Picture
Fivel & Boshe Drucker
Taylor Andronosky
Harry, Ida, Morris, Yetta, Louis, Irving & Michael Drucker
Ida Belle Andronosky Drucker at age 12 or 13.
Abrom and Rifke Rachel Daitch
Al and Esther Berger, Abrom Daitch, Morris and Tobie Drucker
Ida Belle, Herb and Tobie
Herbert Drucker
Ted, Fay, Meyer, Herb & Tobie Drucker
Taylor Andronosky in front of his store
Ellis Island 1921 with Morris Drucker, Leiber and Golde Sarlin.
David Robinson
Hinda "Annie" Zubatsky Andronosky
Mr. & Mrs. M. Slotin, Savannah, GA 1910
Kalia Drucker (Front Right) Kartuz Bereza Hospital
Kalia Drucker (Back Left) Kartuz Bereza Hospital
Kalia lying down
Yetta, Chaim, Kalia, Tobie Malke, Mayer, and Morris Drucker
Boshe & Sidney Smith
Claude Smith as a baby
Golde Nash
Golde Nash Dancing
Nathan Finkelstein
Sadie Dobran
Sadie at the beach with friends
The Fishman Family of Rhode Island
Freida Fishman Miller
Mildred Zoller

Photos Needing Identification

Possibly Ida Belle as a baby?
Ida Belle with unknown friend
Ida Belle w/ unknown man, possible Shapiro?
Same unknown man in soldier uniform
Possibly Mildred & Esther Daitch
Unknown woman, possibly Rifka Rachel Drucker Daitch
Unknown woman, possibly Yetta Drucker
Unknown baby, possibly Herbert
Unknown baby, possibly a Darling
Possibly Mose Darling
Unknown girl with diploma and flowers
Unknown man sitting
Herman Fishman
Unknown synagogue, possibly old Columbia, SC

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