Drucker Birthday Anniversary
Carl January 18th
Marty January 20th
Ronnie February 11th
Kimberly February 21st
Katie February 22nd
Sarah March 9th
Larry March 16th
Nicholas April 1st
Leslie April 23rd
Robin April 24th
Debbie May 13th
Herb May 23rd
Luann June 26th
Charles July 5th
Jackson July 11th
Isabel July 19th
Bruce July 24th
Meyer August 10th
Barbara October 20th
Kenny November 27th
Temmey November 30th
Kay December 8th
Tobie December 20th
Charles & Leslie   March 10th
Meyer & Barbara   June 12th
Tobie & Sarah   June 22nd
Larry & Kimberly   July 2nd
Marty & Luann   July 7th

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