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The Drucker's spent the Christmas holiday weekend at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. It was great to see all the relatives. Check it all out here!

Mazel Tov! Bruce & Debbie
Bruce & Debbie Deutschmann were married October 25th in Columbia, SC! Congratulations! The wedding was a blast! Pictures are here!

Mazel Tov! Carl & Temmey!
Carl & Temmey Novit were married September 13th in Plantation, FL! Congratulations!

Larry and Herb Revisit Augusta!
During the last weekend of September, Larry and Herb Drucker made a pilgrimage back to Augusta. We were treated to the pleasant hospitality of Cathy Fishman's Shabbat Dinner. She has a weekly dinner for the people of Augusta to celebrate the Sabbath. The eclectic group at her table was warm and friendly to us as we remembered the past together. The next day we visited Augusta College's Reese Library. They have an excellent genealogical library for the study of families in Georgia. We then had a great visit with Abe and Annie Schneider. Herb found out that Abe is a cousin by marriage! We went to Adas Yeshurun for Saturday night services. Again, Cathy Fishman had a wonderful meal prepared for the congregation. We ate, had services, looked around the synagogue, and had ice cream! The next day we left, but the trip was not over. We went to all the surrounding small towns where our family had spread out: Waynesboro and Midville, Georgia; McCormick and Edgefield, South Carolina. Pictures are here!

Larry finds Drucker-Andronosky Past in Augusta, GA!
During the last week of July, Ida BelleI went to Augusta to research the Drucker and Andronosky families. I never expected to talk with people that knew our ancestors. Maybe I would find some records or newpaper articles. I started out at the Augusta Genealogy Society and spent four days finding more and more about my ancestors. I actually met our great grandparents next door neighbors! Who happen to be cousins!! It was great!Pictures are here! Check them out.

Drucker cousin found in Bronx, NY!
On Sunday, July 26th I received a call from Emanuel Trungold, son of Nathan Trungold, son of Sara Rachel Drucker Trungold, Daughter of Fivel "Phillip" Drucker. This is an amazing find, if you consider how far back Fivel is from us! Emanuel filled in an entire missing branch of our tree! He was extremely excited because in his 64 years he had only small stories of his father's relatives.
We welcome back Emanuel to the Drucker family!

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